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RTI Application for FIR



The Public Information Officer
[ Name of Public Authority]
[ Full Address ]
[Pin Code]

Sub: Request for information under Section-6(1) of RTI Act.


Please supply me the following information with respect to First Information Report detailed below:

Details of FIR:

FIR/Complaint Number :
Name of Complainant :
Name(s) of Accused:
Date of Complaint :
Police station:

Particulars of Information sought:

[1] certified copy of the FIR as detailed above.

[2] Certified copy of the periodical progress report on investigation in respect of above FIR.

[3] Please inform me the Name, Designation, Badge Number, Office Address and Phone No of the Investigating Officer(s) entrusted with the investigation of the case with respect to above FIR.

[4] Certified copy of the case diary indicating the name of persons arrested in connection with above FIR and the reasons for such arrest;

[5] Please inform me the name of friend, relative or other person of the arrested accused so informed about such arrest, in terms of the directions issued by Director General of Police with regard to arrest and detention as per dicta laid down by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the case of Joginder Kumar Vs State of UP decided on 25/04/1994.

[6] In case no such action is taken or diary entry is not maintained in respect of above FIR, please inform me the name of officer(s) and staff responsible, but failed to take action to maintain diary entry with regard to arrest as also failed to inform near friend, relative or other person about arrest of the accused in FIR mentioned above.

[7] If no diary entry is available inspite of arrest of accused, please supply me the certified copy of the circular issued by the Director General of Police, …….. State, as per the law laid down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the case of Joginder Kumar Vs State of UP decided on 25/04/1994.

[8] Certified copy of the investigation report as prepared by the Investigating officer in respect of above FIR.

[9] Please supply me the copy of record and/or statements of accused and/or witnesses recorded during the course of investigation, based on which the report and findings were drawn by the investigating officer.

[10] If the accused and/or witnesses were not interrogated or their statements not recorded, please supply me certified copy of documents based on which the findings of investigation was drawn by the Investigating Official.

[11] Certified copy of your rules or citizens charter or any other documents stipulating the time frame in number of days, by which such a complaint/matter should have been dealt with and investigated by your public authority.

I a m affixing Rs.10/- Court Fee Stamp on this application towards RTI application fee OR I am attaching IPO for Rs.10/- payable to the Accounts Officer, …………. payable at ……….. towards RTI Application Fee.

Please send the information to my below address by Registered post.

Yours faithfully,

Name ………………
Full Address ……………
Pin Code ………

Check Application Format and mode of payment of RTI Application Fee from State RTI Rules

For guidance in writing and submitting RTI Applications, please refer to: How to Fill RTI Application Form

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