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RTI Application for RC Book Delay


The Public Information Officer
Regional Transport Officer/Authority
Full Address
Pin Code

Sub: Request for information under Section-6(1) of RTI Act.


Kindly supply following information with respect to RC Book of my Vehicle detailed below:

Vehicle Registration details:

Vehicle Registration No.:
Name & address of Owner :
Name of RTO :

Details of information sought:

[1] Date of Registration of Vehicle No. …………….. and the date of dispatch of RC book to the Registered Owner by your public authority.

[2] Speed Post Receipt number and date under which the RC Book was dispatched to the registered owner.

[3] Address of the registered owner to which the RC Book was dispatched by your public authority.

[4] In case the RC book is not delivered, but returned to your public authority, please inform me the name, designation and mobile number of the Officer(s) and staff who should be contacted for taking delivery of the RC book.

[5] In case the RC book is not prepared and dispatched to the registered owner till this date, please inform me the name of officer(s) and staff responsible to prepare and dispatch the RC book to the registered owner, but failed to do so.

[6] Certified copy of the citizen charter or any other such document stipulating the minimum time limit within which the vehicle RC book is required to be prepared and disptched to the registered owner.

[7] Supply me the copy of rules, regulations, circulars, GR, notifications or any such other document stipulating the provisions and method for obtaining the RC book, if the same is not delivered to the Registered owner even after reasonable period of 5 months from the date of registration.

Application Fee of Rs….. is remitted as under (strike out which is not applicable):

[a] Paid by Challan and copy attached.
[b] Pasted Court Fee Stamp for Rs……
[c] Attached IPO for Rs.10/- payable to the Accounts Officer, ……….. .

Please send the information to my below address by Registered post.

Yours faithfully,

Name ………………
Address ……………

Please check the mode of payment of RTI Application Fee and Application Format (if any) from your state RTI Rules.

For guidance in writing and submitting RTI Applications, please refer to: How to Fill RTI Application Form

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