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Andhra Pradesh High Court RTI Rules

Andhra Pradesh High Court Right to Information Rules, 2005. Rules framed by the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for the State of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh under the Right to Information Act, 2005

Public Information Officer and First Appellate Authority

Public Information Officer

Registrar (Judicial), High Court of Andhra Pradesh as the State Public Information Officer

Assistant Public Information Officer

The Administrative Officers of the Principal District Courts except for the district of Hyderabad, The Administrative Officers of the City Civil Court, the City Small Causes Court and the Metropolitan oSessions Court at Hyderabad, the Chief Ministerial Officers of the Courts presided over by the senior most Judicial Officer at the stations having more than one Court other than the District Head-quaters and the Chief Ministerial Officers of the Courts where there is only one Court at the Station, are designated as State Assistant Public Information Officers.

First Appellate Authority

The Registrar General, High Court of Andhra Pradesh

Application Fees

Application fees for providing information

Any request for obtaining of information shall be accompanied with a fee of Rs 25/- (Rupees Twenty Five only) paid by way of adhesive Court fee stamps, demand draft, Pay Order or Postal Order 1)

Fee to be charged for providing Information

(i) Fee Payable for providing of information except by way of inspection of document or records shall be Rs. 5/- per each page of information (Foolscap Size), or as prescribed by the competent authority from time to time and such fee shall be paid by way of adhesive court fee stamps.

(ii) The fee for inspection of documents or records shall be Rs 15/- for each hour or part of an hour and shall be paid by way of adhesive court fee stamp.

Procedure regarding inspection of document

For the purpose of inspection of documents or records, the applicant shall not cause any hinderance to the office work and shall cooperate with the staff and complete the inspection as soon as possible. The Public Information Officer concerned shall have the right to fix the time and date of the inspection according to administrate convenience and his/her decision shall be final.

Information to be provided in the form of certified copies

Information as requested by the party shall be provided in the form of certified copies/xerox copies attested by the State Public Information Officer / State Assistant Public Information Officer concerned. The Applicant shall not be entitled to take the originals from the custody of the Officer/ Sections concerned.

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