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Appearance of Advocate /Non Advocate in the hearing

In an order of the Full Bench Punjab State Information Commission (SIC) where is has deliberated and decided on the following issues:

  1. Whether a person not registered as an Advocate can appear on behalf of an information-seeker before the Commission.
  2. Whether a person not registered as an Advocate and not holding a pleader’s license can appear on behalf of an information-seeker in the Commission and plead on his behalf in the proceedings under Sections 18 and 19 of the Right to Information Act, 2005.
  3. Whether such a non-Advocate can appear after charging certain consideration from the concerned information seeker.
  4. Whether there should be a specific format of Vakalatnama/authorization which must be submitted by non-Advocate representing an information-seeker before the Commission.
  5. Whether a formal Order needs to be passed by the Commission in each case permitting such non-Advocate to represent an information-seeker, before such individual can be allowed to appear or plead on behalf of the information seeker.

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