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Benefits of RTI

What are the real benefits of Right to Information for a common man

  1. Get to know your personal grievances
  2. Improve the situation around yourself
  3. Solve long pending issues of the society
  4. Make your elected representative accountable
  5. Make your Online social presence relevant and helpful
  6. Make connections with Government Officers
  7. Become the News Reporter

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· 2018/06/05 03:03 · Shrawan

RTI Replies on Website

All Public Authorities shall proactively disclose RTI applications and appeals received and their responses, on the websites maintained by Public Authorities with search facility based on key words.

RTI applications and appeals received and their responses relating to the personal information of an individual may not be disclosed, as they do not serve any public interest.1)

Attention is invited to DOPT's guidelines on suo motu disclosure issued vide O.M. No.1/6/2011-IR dated 15.4.2013 whereby Public Authorities have an obligation to proactively disclose RTI applications and appeals received by them and their responses on their websites. In order to facilitate uploading of RTI applications/appeals received and their responses on the website, a new feature has been added to the CPIO/FAA's module on the “RTI online” portal on pilot basis for DOPT. This feature provides an option to the CPIO and FAA to upload the reply to RTI application and first appeal respectively on the website of the Department.2)

The details of Suo Moto Disclosure can be read from our wiki article.


Indian Bank Association IBA is a Public Authority under RTI Act now

Shri R K Jain V/S Indian Bank Association (IBA) Ms. lta Bose VIS Indian Bank Association (IBA)

IBA refused to provide the information stating that they are not a Public Authority as defined under section 2(h) of the RTI Act.

IBA performs various activities, which are entrusted to them by the Government or the Reserve bank of India. The functions performed by the IBA have mentioned in para 5 above in the submissions of the IBA, which are the important public functions. In our view, the IBA works as an instrumentality of the State.

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· 2017/12/06 02:54 · Shrawan
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