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DDA to publish information on properties which had been historically leased by the Government of India

Keeping in view that the citizens of the country should have access to information about leased out public properties and check drainage of public revenue with respect to such properties, the Commission, in the exercise of powers conferred under Section 19(8) of the RTI Act 2005 issued guidelines asking DDA to compile and publish on the website of the DDA information regarding all such properties which had been historically leased by the Government of India, name/s of the lessees, type of lease-private or Institutional, tenure of such lease/s, number of expired lease/s, action taken with respect to expired leases/s etc. (CIC/KY/C/2016/000023-YA, dated 20.01.2015).


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Created by shrawan on 2017/12/04 16:18.

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