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Who are Community Builders at RTI INDIA

RTI INDIA community is where people of all ages can participate and obtain information from each other. Our Community is a vibrant and wonderful places to learn, collaborate, and engage directly into conversations. The RTI INDIA is built around social connection. Our’s is a place where like-minded individuals can meet, express an opinion, and engage in conversation.

A great community like RTI INDIA shall find ways to allow all users to interact regardless of their background, social standings, education and so forth.For us three words sum up our online community: people, collaboration, and content. At RTI INDIA members come for a specific purpose—usually to answer questions, get advice, receive support, get recognition or status, or collaborate on projects or cause.

RTI INDIA (RTI INDIA) Community Builders sets the direction of the community and organizes the content. Community Builders (CBU) decide when to split forums and categories, and determine the categories and forums that the community needs. Community Builders shall

Ensure that community content aligns with RTI INDIA original purpose statement. Manage content growth by splitting forums and categories as needed and retiring content when it becomes stale. Manage user accounts and user issues. CBU shall build interaction by having a very social and informal tone. Develop and seed the community with high-quality, stimulating content until community members begin providing the majority of that content for RTI INDIA. Review the community to identify what is working and what isn’t. Continue propagating RTI INDIA community to attract visitors. Make sure that RTI INDIA reward system is indeed helping community build an active community membership with high-quality contributors. One of the primary role of Community Builder is that members shall feel safe and unthreatened while interacting within the community. Just like in real-world villages, towns, cities and countries, there are rules to ensure everyone can feel safe and secure – the same should be true for our community. RTI INDIA community’s moral conduct is centered towards acceptable and worthwhile content and therefore, community builders shall be responsible for it.

We realize that our members’ words, opinions and contributions all influeRTI INDIAe how RTI INDIA community will continue to grow. It shall therefore be the responsibility of Community Builders to create an atmosphere where users are proud and willing to post their content. Keeping members engaged and unafraid to post is vital to the group’s success.

RTI INDIA Community Builder (CBU) have established RTI INDIA community of active participants, CBU need to make sure the community continues to be active and thriving without the conversation going stale. CBU should make sure everyone is talking about the focused topic of the group.

The CBU shall aim to achieve the following:

Provide Support:

By effectively providing online support our community also creates a sense of camaraderie, so members who get their questions answered successfully often feel a sense of gratitude, prompting them to help other community members.

Build a Professional Reputation:

CBU shall motivate consultants, trainers, job-seekers, authors, and others building their professional reputations contribute content to our community so as to gain professional recognition of, and respect for, their expertise.

Professional Skills and Abilities

CBU shall try that members follow a discussion thread to learn about specific topics and issues. In addition, CBU shall try to strengthen diagnostic and communication skills of members by offering advice to others and learning what works as they follow issues to their conclusion.

Build Confidence, Bolster Ego, and Simply Feel Good

CBU shall device ways so that members should enjoy the knowledge that their thoughts and insights have the potential to instantaneously reach a worldwide audience. CBU should make sure that members also feel good when whey see others succeed with their advice and receive praises for that input.

We believe that RTI INDIA is a successful online community which attracts and retains the right people; those right people collaborate regularly and productively to produce rich, highly relevant content; and that relevant content perpetuates the community by attracting more of the right people because of their need for, or interest in, the content.

How to join as Community Builders at RTI INDIA

All you need to do is to log on to main RTI INDIA portal here and go to settings > Permission Groups and click on Community Builders. The direct link to the permission group is here!

How do we select Community Builders The application goes to our Super Moderators for review. The primary criterion for us to select you as community builder is 'Need'. If we do not require new team members, obviously your application shall not be approved or not processed. Please remember that at any given point of time we have 100's of application pending with us, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee if at all your application shall be accepted and also we cannot let you know how much time it shall take.

The criterion broadly followed by your Super Moderator's is as follows:

  • Your number of posts
  • Your daily activity and presence
  • Your way of posting, whether it is helpful to the new users or not
  • Your understanding of various sections of RTI website like blogs, directory, Docs, Guide, Mobile applications etc.

As a community builders, you are not expected to know a lot about RTI. Your participation and eagerness to help others is the primary benchmark and philosophy.

Once your application is received, all team members are notified and they silently monitor the performance of yours. It may not be of any use to publically post about non action of your application, rather we feel it vitiate the very atmosphere for which the CBU's have been posted. The work of CBU is positive but it's not a game or absolute leisure activity. This big responsibility you wish to undertake requires a lot of patience and perseverance in answering repetitive and nagging queries sometime and we expect that this major characteristic be reflected from each of your posts at forum from day one.

We hope to see you soon as part of our Team :)

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