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RTI Application for EPF transfer Status


The Central Public Information Officer
[EPFO of Previous Employer Company]
[ Full Address ]
[Pin Code]

Sub: Request for information under Section-6(1) of RTI Act.


I had applied for transfer of my EPF from my previous employer. My request for PF transfer has not been processed.

Please supply me the following information with respect to my request for transfer of EPF Account as detailed below. I am attaching Employee ID as proof of EPF Account holder.

Details of EPF Account:

My EPF account number :
Previous Employer :
Current Employer :
EPF office of previous employer :
EPF office of current employer :
Transfer application Form-13(Rev) date :

Particulars of Information sought:

[1] Certified copy of EPF transfer Form-13 (Revised) submitted by undersigned through M/s …… [Name of Present employeer company] to transfer my PF account no. ………….. from your EPFO ……… to M/s …………….. (Name of Present employer Co.) EPFO ……………. (address of present EPFO) along with details filled in by M/s ………………… (name of Present employer Co.) in Form-13(Rev), which was received by your public authority.

[2] Certified copy of Form No.10 submitted by M/s ………..(previous employer company) in the month of ……………….and …….. ( the month and next month of your leaving employment from previous company.)

[3] Certified copy of Note Sheet indicating notings by various officials and decision of competent authority on my application Form 13 (Rev) for transfer of EPF Account to EPFO …….. (Address of EPFO of present employers’ jurisdiction)

[4] Certified copy of Transfer Intimation i.e Annexure-K [Revised] in respect of my EPF Account no. ………….. based on my application Form-13 (Rev) submitted to your public authority through M/s …….(Name & address of present employer).

[5] Please inform me the Cheque / DD Number under which my EPF Balance was transferred to EPFO ………………… (Address of EPFO of present employers’ jurisdiction).

[6] If no action is taken by your public authority for transfer of my EPF amount as requested in Form-13(Rev), please inform me the name of officer(s) and Staff of your public authority responsible to transfer my EPF Account, but failed to take action on my request Form-3(Rev).

[7] Please supply me copy of Rules, Regulations, Policy, Circular, Instructions, or Citizens’ Charter stipulating the time frame within which your public authority is/was required to transfer my EPF Account to the jurisdictional EPFO / or EPF Trust after receipt of Form-13(Rev) in your public authority.

( Fill up blanks and delete bracketed portion given for your guidance.)

I am attaching IPO for Rs.10/- payable to the Accounts Officer, EPFO …………. payable at ……….. towards RTI Application Fee.

Please send the information to my below address by Registered post.

Yours faithfully,

Name ………………
Address ……………
EPF A/c No.……………


  1. When the Employees’ Provident Fund account is transferred from one Employer Company (previous employer) to another Employer Company (present employer) of same EPFO jurisdiction or different EPFO jurisdiction, the employee is required to fill up EPF Form no.13(Revised) which include EPF details and submit it to Present employer company. The present employer company fill in certain details like Account No, Regional Office, Sub Regional Office, Exempted and Trust details (if applicable) and forward Form-13(Rev) to the Commissioner EPF where the account is maintained. The EPFC shall pass an order and transfer the amount by DD /Cheque to the (1) Regional Provident Fund Commissioner of the present employer area OR (2) if it is an exempted establishment (these are establishments which maintain its own PF through a PF Trust) EPF is transferred to the Trust as per Payee's details filled in by the Present Employer in Form-13(Rev).
  2. The transfer is authorized by EPF Commissioner under a prescribed format – ANNEXURE-K (Revised). This format contains details of amount transferred, DD/Cheque no. and date, new Ledger Card No. of the employee in present New employer company and old transferred ledger number of the previous employer company. A copy of ANNEXURE-K (Revised) is marked to the Employee, whose account is transferred. The EPFO also transfer the Family Pension contribution to the respective EPFO or Trust.
  3. The employee himself MUST file RTI Application before CPIO of the Employees Provident Fund Organization from where EPF Account is required to be transferred. Say, if the EPF account is transferred from Delhi to Haryana, the first step is to file RTI Application with the CPIO of Delhi RPFO and after getting details of Annexure-K, further RTI Application can be filed before CPIO of RPFO Haryana in case RPFO Haryana says that the account is not transferred to RPFO Haryana. Application fee of Rs.10/- can be paid by IPO payable to Accounts Officer, RPFO Delhi, Payable at Delhi.

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