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Why You Should Start a New Thread

RTI INDIA has forums and each forum contains threads and each thread has posts. Forums can be considered as categories, threads as the topic and the posts as the discussions on the topics. A registered member starts a new thread when he intends to ask a question or start a conversation on the topic he is interested into. Once he creates a new thread (Topic), other members poll in and respond to that discussions by making a posts.

A thread has some unique features:

  • A thread starter is usually the owner of the topic.
  • A thread has certain direction and a purpose which is usually guided by the 1st post in the thread.
  • A thread can be subscribed by the users who finds it important or interesting.
  • Usually a poster inside the thread has subscription enabled so that he easily gets the email informing that there has been a new post in the thread.

Because of these features, there is continuity in the thread and discussions. The responsibility of the thread owner and also the team members is to ensure that the discussions remains around the original thread and do not go hay wire to some other topic.

Many a times a user has the tendency to post their topic in another topic because

  • Because either he does not know where and how to start a new thread inside the forum
  • He considers that posting in another topic may be adding to the discussions
  • But worst is that when a user pile upon the other thread simply because he thinks that there are chances of his getting attention to his topic.


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