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The free encyclopedia on RTI that anyone can edit.

Welcome to RTI INDIA Wiki Project. After the success of millions of users getting the benefit from our Guide segment, we thought it appropriate to expand the reach to all our members so that we can distribute information, share knowledge and collaborate. Our wiki have a history page that lists the original contributor of an article and those who have edited and made revisions. Our RTI collaborators provides with a sense of ownership of the content.

After RTI forums, RTI Wiki has become the second most popular reference place for RTI. Thank You for supporting us.

Online RTI Act

We have created online RTI Act which is updated and searchable. You can visit the Act here. Alternatively, have also created online searchable Act here which you can use. Click Here..!

Common Terms

Based upon our experience of 10 years, there are certain common terminologies frequently asked and referred. We have compiled the details of the common terms with various case law judgements for making reference. Click here..!

RTI Court Decisions

Various Supreme Court, High Court, Central Information Commission Judgements are available here which are fundamental and landmark in nature. They are frequently been referred by various Judgements. Click Here..!

RTI News & Decisions

Carefully curated important decisions from various commission & courts are all available in our new blogging segment. Visit here to learn about new things in RTI and download various new decisions of profound importance. This section is frequently updated Click here..!

RTI Guide

Extensive Guide section contains articles about using Right to Information. This section can be used by Citizens, Public Information Officers, First Appellate Authorities and various section of society. Click Here..!

RTI Rules

Find out the RTI Rules of various State Legislative Assembly, High Courts and various State Government Departments. Also included are Central Government Rules, Supreme Court, Rajya & Lok Sabha RTI Rules. Click here..!

Sample RTI Forms

On popular demand, we have created basic questions that should be part of RTI Application. These sample are for standard issues like Passport, MPLAD Funds, Construction of Roads e.t.c Click here..!

RTI Forums

Our most happening place is forums. From millions of daily visitors and more than 8,00,000 users, our forums provide you with most customised solutions to framing RTI, resolving issues and helping in framing appeals. Click here..!

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